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ABOUT US - icahya woecun

Icahya Woecun - the place to grow

Four Bands' strategy for achieving our mission is based on a model called Icahya Woecun “the place to grow.” It applies the Lakota tradition-movement in a circle that has a beginning and an end, and yet is never ending; and it is based on the sacred number four-representing the four directions. Four Bands combines Icahya Woecun traditions with the wisdom of best practices for expanding entrepreneurial businesses and offers strategic business development services in four directions: 1) education, 2) financing, 3) incubation, and 4) advocacy.

It also promotes the Four Values of the Lakota People:

1. Generosity (Wacantognaka) - Giving from the heart. Lakota people value generosity and a man is honored for what he gives to the People. Remembering this exchange, everyone is cared for and thrives, not just the “one”.

2. Courage (Woohitika) - Being brave. Lakota people are taught by example how to have great courage. They learn it is an honor to face hard and difficult things yet maintain a quiet strength and enduring sense of humor.

3. Respect (Waohola) - Respecting somebody. People should have respect for each other (the two-leggeds), and the four-leggeds, the winged ones, the stone people, the sky and Unci Maka (Grandmother Earth). Lakota people believe that people should have respect for one another. We can never forget that we are all related.

4. Wisdom (Woksape) - Sharing wisdom. Elders are looked up to and respected for their knowledge and wisdom. Sharing this knowledge through storytelling honors the oral tradition of the Lakota people and guides the generations to come.