Creating Economic Opportunity on Cheyenne River and Beyond

Established in 2000, Four Bands Community Fund is a nonprofit organization that has emerged as a leader in the Native American community and economic development movement. We are a leading organization on the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation as well as in the state of South Dakota in the areas of small business development, business lending, financial literacy, and youth entrepreneurship. Our programs and services translate the traditional Lakota values of self-sufficiency, wise resource management, and a spirit of entrepreneurship into practical applications for today’s modern economy.

OUR PURPOSE  We create opportunity for Native American individuals, families, businesses, communities, and tribal nations who are taking the initiative to advance beyond systemic economic inequalities.

OUR MISSION  We shift paradigms and innovate equitable systems to create opportunities for people in the areas of small business, homeownership, and financial security.

OUR VISION  Four Bands envisions thriving Native American communities built on the cornerstones of cultural values, sustainable systems, equitable platforms, and economic opportunities.

Our Guiding Principles

INTEGRITY  We have the courage to always have an honest and upright character and hold ourselves and others accountable to these standards.

RESPECT  Without attempting to change or manipulate, we recognize that each individual exists in their own space in their own way. We have a genuine concern for the happiness and well-being of others. We meet our clients where they are and embrace different perspectives, experiences, knowledge, and aptitudes to leverage the power of diversity.

EMPOWERMENT  We inspire every person we work with to create their own best life. We attract, motivate, and encourage as many people as possible to increase the proportion of individuals who embrace their ability to catalyze change.

EQUITY  In order for people to create the change they desire in their lives, resources must be equally available to everyone. We practice a philosophy of mutual benefit and demonstrate to people of all backgrounds that this philosophy will improve lives.

INNOVATION  We forge our own paths and create our own solutions to shift paradigms that have been institutionalized by broken systems. We are lifelong learners, constantly striving to develop skills and create value to help people realize their potential and achieve fulfillment.

Our History

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