Icahya Woecun

The Place to Grow

Four Bands utilizes an integrated asset building and entrepreneurial development approach, a model called Icahya Woecun (The Place to Grow), to deliver our programs. This approach was developed early in our development as a strategy for achieving our mission. Icahya Woecun combines Lakota values and tradition with the wisdom of best practices to support Native American entrepreneurs and asset builders in achieving their goals by offering four dimensions of services.


Four Bands provides the fundamental knowledge necessary for first generation entrepreneurs to build assets through our personal financial literacy course and start or expand a business through our in-depth business development education courses and workshops.


Four Bands creates access to capital through a variety of business and consumer lending products.


As we serve a community that has been dependent upon government subsidies and programs for generations, Four Bands’ clients require ongoing personalized support to achieve self-sufficiency through business success.


Four Bands understands that investments to develop certain systems – physical and legal infrastructure, human capital, and governing bodies – are essential to sustain businesses and further economic growth.  As such, we work in the tribal, state, and national political arenas to inform legislation that is supportive to asset building strategies and Native businesses.

A Holistic Approach to Expanding Prosperity

This holistic approach of Icahya Woecun is critical in expanding prosperity to individuals and families through asset building and entrepreneurial development strategies, which translates into broader scale economic progress in the communities we serve.  It is an integral part of our approach to creating jobs and improving financial capability in the Native communities we serve.

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