Alissa Benoist Selected for Leadership Group for MIT’s 2019 Indigenous Communities Fellowship

April 2, 2019

Four Bands Community Fund is pleased to announce that our Program Coordinator, Alissa Benoist, has been chosen to be a part of the Leadership Group for Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Solve’s 2019 Indigenous Communities Fellowship. The Leadership Group was formed by invitation only and is comprised of 11 thought leaders from across the country.

Through this unique opportunity, Alissa will work with other Leadership Group members to select and support the most promising solutions submitted through MIT Solve’s open innovation platform for the 2019 Indigenous Communities Fellowship.

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Fellowship applications were accepted from tech entrepreneurs within the Oceti Sakowin, Navajo Nation, and Hopi Tribe communities for solutions that support and scale economic development and resiliency. The Leadership Group will also provide mentorship and resources to innovators selected to be a part of the Fellowship.

“I am looking forward to representing Four Bands and sharing best practices that we have developed here on Cheyenne River with other Native communities and aspiring entrepreneurs,” says Alissa.

As an initiative of MIT, Solve is a marketplace for social impact that seeks out tech entrepreneurs from around the world and brokers partnerships to scale their innovative work – driving lasting, transformational change. The Indigenous Communities Fellowship, facilitated by Solve, is focused on identifying and supporting innovative solutions that combine technology and traditional ancestral knowledge to create sustainable and prosperous livelihoods within Indigenous communities.

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