June 6, 2023

Fresh New Look, Still “The Place to Grow”

Greetings! Four Bands is pleased to share our new brand with you. These newly developed components – logo, color palette, mission, vision, and guiding principles – represent the evolution of our organization and will lead us into the future as we continue to grow and improve.

Recognizing that Four Bands maintained the same logo since our inception in 2000, we approached our branding process with a sincere regard for the influence it has among our staff, community, and partners. At the same time, we fully embraced the vast transformation Four Bands has undergone over the last two decades – from a small start-up to a leading organization on the national stage of the Native American economic development field. What you are seeing today is the result of a year-long course of action by a committed and dynamic team that fully engaged in a series of deep-dive discussions, analyses, and exercises.

Our new logo is truly a visual representation of the essence of Four Bands and full of meaning. It carries on the iconic symbol of the buffalo as the centerpiece of the design and a foundational and empowering element of our Lakota culture. As a provider for traditional Lakota communities, it continues to represent economic stability today. With its vast size and sheer strength, the buffalo has the power to break through barriers – just as Four Bands shifts deeply rooted systemic inequities. The forward movement of the buffalo illustrates how our organization is leading the way with sunrise thinking and innovative strategies. In addition, the juxtaposition of the contrasting background colors symbolizes transformation – a result of our advocacy, partnerships, and program delivery.

The semi-circular pattern of diamonds is suggestive of the Lakota winter count, traditional symbols marking important historical events. In our logo, this design detail represents foundational elements that Four Bands embraced early in our history and that will always be a part of who we are. The four diamonds on the left side represent the four bands of Lakota – Mnicoujou (Planters By The Water), Oohenumpa (Two Kettle), Itazipco (Without Bows), and Siha Sapa (Black Foot) – residing on the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation at the time of its founding in 1891. The seven diamonds on the right stand for our seven traditional Lakota values – Generosity (Wacantognaka), Bravery (Woohitike), Respect (Waohola), Wisdom (Woksape), Honor (Wayuonihan), Compassion (Waunsilapi), and Truth (Wowicake). These values have shaped and will continue to guide our internal organizational culture, program development and delivery, and the way we interact with others. The earth tone color palette of our new brand provides a warm and inviting backdrop to extend a welcoming tone. It also signifies a connection to the earth, the place we come from, and the communities we serve.

While our organization has expanded tremendously, the heart of Four Bands has always remained the same. We were born as a strategy to overcome barriers associated with lack of access to capital in our community. Today, we continue to create opportunity for Native American individuals, families, businesses, communities, and tribal nations who are taking the initiative to advance beyond systemic economic inequalities. Our new brand reflects the empowering approach we take in delivering programming that provides a clear, customized, and achievable framework for clients to meet their goals – whether it is starting a business, becoming a homeowner, or building financial capacity.

We hope you enjoy the fresh new look and invite you connect with us on social media to stay up to date on upcoming developments within Four Bands.


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