December 15, 2023

Four Bands Launches Project to Strengthen Local Food Systems

With funding support from the Native American Agriculture Fund, Four Bands is launching a project, titled “Increasing Market Access for Cheyenne River Producers.

“This project is all about leveraging our existing farmers market in Eagle Butte to increase connections between our local ag producers and consumers,” explains Elaine Neigel, Business Loan Officer at Four Bands.

Neigel says that the project will promote the farmers market so that more Cheyenne River families know about it, but the majority of the project activity will be aimed at supporting direct-to-consumer strategies for approximately six local ag producers.

“With the onset of the pandemic a few years ago, we all came to realize how fragile our food systems are. This project will build resilience into our community and raise awareness of local healthy food options for families in the area,” says Neigel.

The producers selected to participate in the project will receive training and coaching to help improve their financial management and business skills. They will also work with a marketing expert to build their brand and implement new marketing strategies. Then they’ll have the opportunity to apply what they’ve learned with free booth space at the farmers market this summer.

“This project is open to ag operations of any size and type – whether you are hunting and foraging for traditional foods, growing a garden in your yard, or running a full-scale cattle operation. We’re really looking to expand and diversify our local markets,” says Neigel.

To Apply

Those interested in applying to the “Increasing Market Access for Cheyenne River Producers” project can download an application below. For questions or more information, contact Elaine Neigel at (605) 964-9334 or

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