Renewing Traditional Values

Self-sufficiency, wise resource management, and a spirit of entrepreneurship have always been traditional Lakota values. Four Bands helps our people and communities grow these values and adapt them to today’s modern economy.

Our suite of products and services are designed to revive traditional culture that supports self-sufficiency, healthy family and community structure, and thriving economies. Whether you want to start a new business or increase your personal financial skills, we will be able to help you achieve your goals.

For Entrepreneurs

We offer a comprehensive business training program, customized business coaching, and several lending products to help entrepreneurs at various stages of development start or expand a business. 


For Consumers

We provide a wide range of training and assistance to help individuals and families increase their financial capability, build credit, achieve asset-based savings goals, maximize their tax refunds, or improve the energy efficiency of their homes.


For Youth

By investing in the financial education of our youth, we can secure more financially stable futures for our communities. Our youth education curricula equips our younger generations with the knowledge they need to achieve their goals and make wise financial decisions.


Four Bands helped me keep my home and put a roof over my family. They helped me when I felt like I couldn't breathe. Four Bands took the burden off of me and they made me feel like it was going to be OK.

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Kathleen MaynardCredit Builder Loan Recipient

There is more than just financial support in working with Four Bands. Even just the encouragement from the staff there was really good for me, and after talking with them it sparked ideas and things that I could do to make the bakery better.

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Robi MillerOwner, Daily Bread Bakery

It was amazing to be able to purchase a house. It impacted our life in a really positive way.

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Jennifer AberleMatched Savings Program Participant

The internship program through Four Bands was invaluable experience because I discovered that by working closely with children I could serve as a role model and my actions could change other people's lives.

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Jessie CarlsonYouth Entrepreneur Intern

To start on your path of personal or entrepreneurial growth, fill out our Customer Information Form and return it to us.

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