Troy Vrooman integrates digital technology into agricultural operation.

November 19, 2020

As a lifelong rancher on Cheyenne River, Troy Vrooman has seen tremendous results from his new working relationship with Four Bands Community Fund. Like most in the agricultural industry, Troy is accustomed to working with various financial institutions to capitalize his operations. But he says Four Bands “goes above and beyond” any other bank or agency.

Over the last year, Troy has combined Four Bands’ lending products with our individualized support services to strengthen and grow his cattle and hay operations.

He says that after coming into our office just to see what we had to offer, “They really went to work on my deal and got me a way better deal than what I had before.”

With a lower interest rate, Troy had more financial flexibility and the opportunity to invest more back into his operation. As the COVID-19 pandemic hit in March, many businesses began turning to technology to modify and sustain their operations. This trend ended up benefitting Troy as he found himself in a dilemma. Although he was still in the throes of calving season, he also needed to purchase some heifers. Without extra help on the ranch, he couldn’t manage to spend several days away while going to cattle sales. Fortunately, the sale barns were transitioning to offer online bidding.

Troy reflects, “It was tough to get away, and I’m not real handy with a computer.”

We worked with Troy to develop a solution where he could access livestock auctions online in our office with support from our staff. With this set-up, he was able to purchase 140 heifer yearlings.

“I was impressed with the online bidding. I could see the cattle really nice in the ring on the big screens there in the office,” says Troy.

Troy says he is considering doing business this way more in the future, which will help save him time and money in traveling to auctions. Our staff is continuing to support him as he engages with federal agricultural programs that will support his agricultural operation.

“They’ve been really good to work with,” says Troy of his experience with Four Bands.

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